How to Write a Strong 5-Page Essay

How will you ensure that your 5-page is written with authority? Here are six suggestions.


Every page of your five-page essay must aim to convince the reader to read further. For students who want to win over their teacher or professor, an essay that leads from one paragraph to the next while continuously hooking the reader is difficult to achieve.

Making this happen requires lots of outlining. Plan your essay well before starting—in fact, OVERPLAN your essay. Let your desired theme run from the first sentence all the way to the last, but without being monotonous.

Well researched

The more research and work you put into your essay, the more convincing it will be. To win your reader over, pack your 5-page essay with tons of facts, evidences, and authoritative quotes. The best way to exercise healthy control over your essay is to research the heck out of it.

Relevant content

Chop away at any aspect of your essay that looks like a space filler. After every paragraph, ask yourself the following questions: Does this sentence...

  • Contribute to the overall theme I’m trying to create?
  • Prove something that’s important to my argument?
  • Generate interest?
  • Trace back to any and all original claims that were made?

If your sentence or phrase doesn’t perform one or more of these, do away with it. Utilize your word count wisely.

Paragraphs with purpose

When an essay is packed with so many paragraphs, it’s important to understand the purpose of each one. Try to keep one idea within the confines of one paragraph so that it’s easy for your reader to stay on track with your direction.

Research time

There’s more that can be said about research. Those who understand the dynamics of an essay know that a real essay is actually just the result of research. It’s like writing a report on your findings. For this reason, be sure that your research takes up at least 70% of your time, while the writing takes up the rest. Try to include the outlining process with your research as the two should be done together for cohesive structure.

Good syntax

Don't forget to pay much attention to the format and syntax of your five-page essay. Correct spelling and grammar errors throughout the writing process, and then do one last check on the whole paper when you’re finished.


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