How Do You Start A Literary Analysis Essay: A Piece Of Advice For Students

If you are in high school, it’s very possible to be required to write a literary analysis from once in a while. Professors know very well that teenagers are not crazy about reading, so they give these assignments to make sure that the student completed his reading. In this kind of composition you are supposed to analyze a specific piece of literature; it can be anything, from an article in a newspaper to a famous book. The composition itself is easy to create, as long as you follow some simple guidelines:

  • Choose a suitable topic. Before you even start, you have to think about the subject; this, of course, if the professor did not give you one. Since you can write about any work of literature, you might as well choose something that is interesting not only for you, but also for your classmates. Also, be sure that you have material to work with for your essay; if you try to analyze a particular article that is one page long, you will not be able to write enough. The best choice is to choose a book that you already studied in school; you will save some research time.
  • Write the introduction. This is, of course, the beginning of any paper. In this kind of composition you are examining someone’s work with a purpose. Well, what is the purpose? This is one of the first things that you have to write in your introduction, after the topic. What are you hoping to prove with your essay? The central idea of your composition is very important and you need to expose it clearly in the first lines.
  • Try to make your introduction interesting. The point is, in the end, to make others read your essay right? Well, to achieve this you have to make them interested even from the first lines. This means that you need to be mysterious, challenging and to not reveal everything about the subject. You can say that you reached to the expected conclusion in your text, but you will not mention it now; in this way they will read until the end. If you made a lot of research, you can use a quotation or reference in the beginning, as long as it is relevant to the subject and it’s not too long.

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