6 Persuasive Essay Topics for High School Students

Persuasive essays are very similar to argumentative essays but are a bit nicer. A persuasive essay is much less in your face as an argumentative essay which would discuss one side of a debate and attack the alternative. The persuasive essay attempts to convince the reader to believe in one side of an argument. The list that is below may get you excited about a potential idea. Remember though that you do not have to go with the side you see listed. You can always pick the opposite side in the argument if you prefer.

  1. Snow days provide families with quality time
  2. Having too much money can be detrimental to happiness
  3. High schools should offer specialized science or arts degrees
  4. Expecting teens should be required to complete parenting classes
  5. Magazine advertisements should be altered so that they stop sending bad signals to younger female teens about their body image
  6. There should be limitations placed on free speech particularly with regard to the safety of the masses

If you are still having difficulty picking a topic consider the following:

  1. Choose a broad topic. It does not matter how broad because in this first step you are just trying to get your mind thinking. You will narrow it down later. What is important is that you pick something.
  2. Start to narrow down your topic and get a bit more specific in your terms.
  3. Now narrow it down quite a bit and make it something that is feasibly covered within the parameters and scope of your project.
  4. As you do this you should start to find a few examples of potential topics you can pick. It is important that you do some preliminary research before you settle on the topic. The reason for this is that you want to make sure there is some research out there related to the topic before you dive right in. You want to ensure you can accurately cover it within the time you have and that the background or existing information that is out there does not just support the opposition. Aim for a topic that meets the course requirements and has enough background information for it. Then make sure it is something that is relevant to your audience.
  5. You need to find current information that is relevant to your topic so as to best support your arguments

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