Why It Is So Important to Do an Essay Draft

There are several things that you should do when writing an essay. One of them is to write an essay draft. This is often referred to as the rough draft. An essay draft allows you to get the majority of your ideas out there and gives you something to proofread and edit. There are several steps that need to be followed to write a successful essay.

Steps involved in writing an essay:

  1. Create an outline

    The first step is to create an outline that points out the major points that you want your paper to express to your reader. The more detailed your outline is; the better off your paper will be.

  2. Thesis statement

    Be sure to include a thesis statement in your paper to make sure that you tell your reader what you are writing the paper about. A thesis statement is the main reason for writing the paper and it will be what you focus on throughout the paper.

  3. Rough Draft

    A rough draft is where you make your first attempt at writing the paper. It will allow you to start to get your ideas on paper. This is so important because you can use this to start the editing process. The rough draft will get most of the ideas on paper so all you will have to focus on is transitional sentences and other revisions.

  4. Proofread and Edit

    The next step is to proofread and edit the rough draft. You should make sure that you read through your rough draft several times. You can also ask someone else to read it over to get additional information about what you should change.

  5. Final copy

    The final copy of your essay will just need a little formatting to be complete at this point. You should be almost ready to submit the assignment when you have finished editing your rough draft.

The rough draft allows you to get the information down on paper so that you have something to edit. This step should never be skipped because you need to do some editing. It is the first attempt at writing the paper and from there you can make it flow better by varying some sentences and adding transitional phrases. You can also get the feedback that you need from this rough draft to create an efficient final copy to hand in.


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