Creative Ideas for College Essay Topics

If you are writing a college essay, and have been asked to pick a topic yourself, you want to select something that is creative. A creative topic is one that is truly interesting to you, and one that will often result in a higher grade. A creative topic can be defined as one that no one else has really thought of, or one that paints a different light on something. Instead of arguing that parenting is good, perhaps your topic might be how parenting has become more like a religion in modern times, and it is unhealthy for modern marriages. Instead of arguing that there should be re-integration programs for child soldiers, you could argue that female child soldiers in African societies should be taken out of the country and adopted elsewhere because re-integration programs do not work for them, and they are still shunned by their families.

When picking a creative idea for your college essay topic, you want to ensure the topic is something that you truly love. If you are writing a longer paper, chances are you will be stuck with the topic for a long time. You will spend hours reading, writing, and proofreading. That is why it is important that you really enjoy your topic. If you are interested in the plight of child soldiers, then you will enjoy the research process. You will find beauty in your writing because you will know that you are writing something that matters. You will take pride in the proofreading process because it will help you to produce a top notch paper. If you are otherwise disengaged, or uninterested in your topic, then all of these things will seem burdensome at the least, and you won’t want to do them.

For those of you who are still struggling to come up with an appropriate essay topic, you can review the potential topics below. These are general topics but they can be used as is, or slightly altered to fit your paper requirements:

  • Write about whether the history of country music actually reflects on a social trend
  • Discuss the manner in which western artists found inspiration from Orientalism
  • Write about the influences that 18th century American architecture had
  • Global warming
  • AIDS research
  • Cancer treatments
  • Environmental damage
  • The Patriot Act and whether it should still be considered legal
  • Juvenile sentencing and whether it is effective
  • Wildlife protection services

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