A Step-By-Step Tutorial on how to Write an Argumentative Essay

In some occasions, a professor will assign a type of essay without going over how to complete that type of essay. They will assume that their student already has the knowledge because they have been taught how to do the essay in another class, and that is not always the case. Some students haven’t learned it, and then they are struggling with the assignment. For that student, or the student who just needs a refresher, here are the  step-by-step directions on how to complete and argumentative essay.  


  • The very first step in completing an argumentative essay is create an argument about the topic you have been assigned. If the student has not  been assigned a specific topic, then they must choose what topic they want to write about.

  • No matter what the topic is, the student must thoroughly understand each side of the topic. They can’t defend their viewpoint without knowing the opposite view.  

  • Now that the student has decided their topic, and know their opinion it, they need to turn that opinion into a thesis statement. The thesis will guide and determine the voice of the paper.

  • Once the thesis statement is completed the student needs to write the body of the essay. There are two ways of completing the body of an argumentative essay.

    • The student can present both sides of topic. The first part of the body explain each side thoroughly, and then the student should present their positions and then explain why they have decided that viewpoint. This tend to be the best to make the audience agree with the students viewpoint.

    • The other way is the student to state their opinion first. Then the student explains why they chose that viewpoint. Then the student present their evidence of their viewpoint.

  • The last step is to revise and edit the piece. The student can’t turn in an essay that hasn’t been revised or edited, this has to be the last step to make sure the essay reads well.

  • The student needs to create their bibliography or works cited page. To share what the sources of information.  

Now that you’ve been given the step-by-step directions on how to write an argumentative essay, you now can complete the assignment for class. Following these steps will produce a well-polished essay.  The rest is up to the student.  They must be mindful to carefully develop their argument and create a body of writing that reads well.


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