How to Find a Free Essay: Places You Should Check

When looking for essays online there will be a huge multitude to choose from, performing an Internet search will turn up your many options. On the other hand, when looking for free essay samples the search may be a little more limited or challenging. Some places you should check when looking for a free essay are.


Academic Resources: When searching online you want to make sure the free essays you are finding are scholarly and reputable. There will be a lot of free essays out there, but there quality may not be the greatest. Verify the quality of a paper by checking the legitimacy of a provider. Also, if you know someone who has already used this service, be sure to get some feedback beforehand.

Forums: One place online where you may be able to locate free essay are in forums. There are endless amounts of forum style websites available, and sometimes other students and scholars release their essays on to these types of sites.

Social Media: Using social media makes the world a smaller place, where people can easily and quickly connect despite the distance. By searching groups, pages, and hash tags on social media you should be able to locate some promising leads on finding your next essay.


Help Desk: Visit your library’s help desk or centralized hub to find out important information about the available resources on campus. Your library’s staff should be able to point you in a direction inside or outside the library for help. Academic databases can be searched in the library to help get you inspired on a topic. Your librarian also may have some unique ideas for where you can search too, as research is definitely his or her forte.

Writing Lab: Most campuses have a writing lab you can visit when you are in need of essay assistance. These labs usually keep samples on file that you should be able to access for assistance with your essay.


Peers/Professors/Classmates: The people who are around you can be the best resource when looking for a free essay. Your peers and classmates can be a great resource for already graded help—to get your juice flowing. Your professor can provide you with samples to provide insight.

By searching the available resources online, on-campus and amongst the people you know, you will be able to locate plenty of free essay samples. Just commit yourself to a little digging and it will definitely pay off!


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