How to Write a Process Essay: 5 Efficient Prompts

A process essay lays out how to do something that someone else might not know what to do, kind of like a recipe that has all the ingredients and then the steps to complete the task.  There are so many things that you can do this kind of essaying on but how do you come up with the idea for this essay.  You could do it on something that you already know but that’s kind of boring so you could step out of the box and research something that you know nothing about so that you learn and can teach someone else to do it. 

5 Efficient Prompts

Since you have to focus on efficiency for your essay, I will give five prompts you can use to write an efficient process essay. 

  • You could also choose to write about how to efficiently clean your room or the entire house.  This kind of prompt can show the reader the fastest way to do this daunting task. 
  • Or how about you do it on how to efficiently make something like a cake or a homemade pizza.  This can require you to make the steps easy so it is more efficient. 
  • How to efficiently lose weight without giving up.  This prompt can be informative and tell the reader the fastest and best way to lose weight. 
  • How to plan an event that is fast and runs smoothly.  A prompt like this can have so much to it, like how to actually plan the event or how to make sure everything goes according to plan.  You could also explain about backups that you can have to avoid a disaster.  This is more efficient if you have everything planned ahead of time. 

Writing an essay on how to efficiently do something can be hard because you not only have to know how to do the thing you are writing about but you also have to find the easiest and fastest way to do that subject.  People are always looking for a faster way to do something and you can use that to find a good topic that your audience will love. 


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