A Manual For Composing Fun Argumentative Essay Topics

There are some things that make a great argumentative essay.  First you have to have a simple, brief, and arguable thesis.  You have to provide enough facts and supporting evidence about your topic.  Your essay should also have smooth transitions that are clear in each paragraph.  Remember that you conclusion is not a summary of your thesis.  When you are writing a argumentative essay, you are giving the pros and cons on a subject but you also helping the reader understand the topic better.

Finding fun topics for your argumentative essay is not a hard thing to do but doing the research and selecting one requires interest and passion for the topic. You can’t write a strong and convincing essay if you don’t believe in the topic that you are writing about.  Selecting a topic that you generally have an interest in will make the topic fun and the reader will have an easier time reading your essay.

Fun Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Can addictive personality disorder be overcome? You can show the research that has been done on this disorder and determine if the disorder is valid or if you don’t believe it is a plausible disorder.
  • Should companies be allowed to experiment on animals?  This is a hot topic and you can show the pros and cons of using animals to test products and using them for other research.
  • The Bermuda Triangle is it real or folklore? The location has been in movies an books as a vortex where boats get lost and other mysterious things happen but is this true or a made up story.
  • A Serial Killer’s psychology.  The psychology of a serial killer of your choosing can be a fun topic to cover in your essay.  You can argue that the killer didn’t have a chance because of his psychology or you can argue that they could have avoided becoming a killer.
  • The new health care bill is it a good thing or bad thing.  The new health care bill that recently passed has many requirements and got off to a rock start.  You can argue for or against this topic.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using bio-fuels?  We are always looking for cleaner and better fuels to run our cars, light our houses, and heat our homes but are they safe and reliable.  And are the more efficient and cheaper than what we already use.

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