A Streetcar Named Desire: Writing A Good Critical Analysis Essay

Creating a good critical analysis essay is always difficult. It gets even more so when the object you need to focus on is a play. Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire is one of the classics that you may need to write about while in school.

On one hand, the fact that it’s popular is good because you get a chance to study quite a few critical analysis essay examples on this particular topic. However, at the same time, it gets really difficult to come up with any original ideas as most of the things have already been covered by other writers.

If you want to create a really interesting paper about A Streetcar Named Desire, you should do the following:

  • Study the play carefully.
  • You cannot analyze anything without actually studying the object thoroughly. Read the play a few times and take careful notes. You will need to go over the text once again after you take the steps listed below.

  • Look into the witter’s biography.
  • Understanding Tennessee Williams’ life can be a great help when you need to analyze his works as the author saw writing as a form of therapy. Therefore, all his personal views and experiences are somehow reflected in his creations. A Streetcar Named Desire was written when the author believed that he would die soon. This had a profound impact on the play that you can see clearly when you know about the writer’s personal situation.

  • Study professional critic’s works.
  • You need to look into both professional critical reviews of this particular play and guidelines used by pros in their analysis. This will help you understand how to create a high quality critical analysis and see what issues you should avoid if you want your paper to be original.

Remember that Tennessee Williams is not 100% realist writer. He often used dramatic devices to portray reality in his works. Therefore, you will need to do some research into these tools in order to identify them during your analysis and explain what kind of effect they actually have on the readers.

You can focus on any issue you want to during your critical assessment of this literary work. However, considering the nature of the story and the writer’s personal disposition at this time in his life, you should definitely mention the role that death plays in this play and how the author’s fatalistic outlook is reflected through his characters and their choices. If you only need to write a short essay, you can focus your study on one of the characters.


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