Technology Paper Writing Ideas: a List of Up-To-Date Topics

If you are writing a technology paper you may need some up to date topic ideas. If so then keep reading…

Remember that these topics ideas should serve as a foundation from which you create topics best suited to your assignment:

  • Research the long term effects of all of the technology we have available and analyze whether these effects are positive or negative.
  • Research the differences for children growing up today versus children who are older than twelve years of age and what this means for siblings
  • Research what new technology is most important for solving the biggest problems in the world
  • Research different ways in which social media has creating issues within other third and second world countries or helped to solve issues
  • Research how certain governments are currently using technology (and access to said technology) to control their citizens
  • Research the manner in which social media or cell phones has made the world both a smaller place and a bigger place
  • Research the implications of growing globalization through different mediums of technology
  • Research what effect technology is having on social interactions particularly after people start interacting more with machines than people
  • Research different ways people can integrate technology to change the world for the better
  • Research the negative effects that new technology is having on people

Once you have your topic it is time to create a writing space and start working. When you decorate your work space, make sure that everything points toward productivity. If you need someone to cheer you one, include a photo of your family in the work space. If a family photo makes you worry about living up to the expectations of your parents or causes homesickness to form, then don’t use that strategy. Some people prefer bright colors and bright lighting to enhance their mood while writing, and others need neutral colors with no distractions. Some people need to post inspirational sticky notes around them. Figure out what works best for you and configure your workplace with those things.

The purpose is to figure out what works best for you and do that. If there is something in your workspace, or some ritual that is inhibiting your productivity, remove it. As soon as you find the right rituals, you will know it because your writing will improve immediately. And once you find what works best for you, do those rituals and include those decorative items as often as you can.


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