Five-Paragraph Essay Conclusion: Writing Tips For Dummies

The conclusion is without doubt an important part of your essay. This is because it is your last opportunity to convince the reader of your current stand and to leave an impression as the thinker and writer. It is the impression that you leave in the conclusion that will determine the impression that will be left in the minds of the reader. This means that the essay’s end will offer completeness, closure and the possibilities in the topic. Here are a few tips that you can ensure that you have a conclusion that makes your essay to stand out.

To show closure

There are a few things that you can do to show closure in your conclusion. One of these is to link the last paragraph with the first. You can do this by reiterating a phrase or verse that was used in the beginning. Another option is to use a sentence consisting of a word that has one syllable. By using a simple language, you will show understated drama.

Close discussion without necessarily closing it off

You can use a reference or quotation from a secondary source. You can use this to amplify the key points or put them in a different perspective. When you include a quotation from the poem or novel that you are writing about, it is possible to add specificity and texture to the discussion. You can use a scholar or critic to complicate or confirm the final points. Another option that you can conclude is setting the discussion in a larger or even different context.

You can conclude the paper by redefining a key term of the argument. Another alternative is to consider the essay’s implications. What are the implications of your argument?

Poor ways of ending an essay

There are several things that you should avoid doing in the conclusion of your essay. One of these is to simply summarize the essay. While having a brief summary can be good particularly for long essays, you do not require the same for the shorter essays. You should also avoid using phrases such as to conclude, in conclusion or even in summing up. While these work when giving oral presentations, they are not suitable for essays. Readers can already see that the essay has come to an end and you will only irritate them when you tell them the obvious. Even if you feel that the essay is not as good as it should be, do not fall for the urge to apologize.


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