16 Ideas For Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School Students

A persuasive essay is the type of assignment where you need to convince your readers to your ideas by using strong logical arguments, authenticated data, concrete examples and great convincing abilities to support your stance. The focus of your paper may be something you are passionate about but it will still need strong facts to support your ideas. You cannot base your paper on mere opinions, personal experiences and affiliations. The people who read your essay would be ready to agree with you if you give them enough reason to. It is not necessary that the entire audience agree to your stance, even if they have a disagreement and discuss it, the aim is achieved. An argument means allowing both sides to have their own views and respect others opinions. To start a great essay you need to have a winning topic. This should be precise, unique, catchy and informative. You need to give your readers a clear idea about what your essay will discuss or throw light on. You cannot choose a topic, which is too vague or unclear and leaves a doubt in your readers mind. Strive to have a topic that can create curiosity and help you hook your readers to know more about your essay

Here is a list of topics for a middle school persuasive essay

  1. It is better to follow your passion then to fail in imposed decisions
  2. Regret is only a bad thing and will not take you anywhere in life
  3. Time is undoubtedly the most precious thing we have
  4. The number of obesity cases rise in western countries more than the east
  5. The best way to control any addiction is quitting cold turkey
  6. Life is a bed of roses only if you believe
  7. Life is not a bed of roses rather a very hard journey
  8. Marriage is the most cherish able relation in one’s life
  9. Marriages fail due to circumstances not people
  10. Marriages fail due to people not circumstances
  11. Division of labor is an effective technique to manage manufacturing process
  12. Just in time is a great manufacturing theory to follow for small business owners
  13. You cannot undo what you have once done
  14. Nothing is impossible to change
  15. Pop music was better successful than hard rock
  16. People do not understand the relation in death metal and rock

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