How To Find A Great Example Of A Persuasive Essay

The best persuasive essays have a strong, convincing thesis that is supported throughout the piece by irrefutable evidence and facts. Regardless of how the reader felt when they started reading your composition, by the time they finish it they should be 100% convinced that your argument is correct.

Finding examples of top notch persuasive essays is not a difficult task. You can search online and come up with thousands of free samples of essay of all kinds. Of course the library at your university will also house many great examples of persuasive essays. Ask your instructor or course supervisor for their opinion. Which papers do they consider to be the cream of the persuasive crop?

This can be especially useful if you are searching for persuasive essay samples to help you as you compose your own. Knowing the style and tone that impresses your instructor may help you create a great persuasive paper that gets you a great grade!

What Makes A Great Persuasive Essay?

There are a few tips that it helps to remember regarding a persuasive essay assignments. Here are some to keep in mind:

  • A Powerful Opening Paragraph

    Your opening paragraph is your opportunity to grab your reader's attention and start with a strong, persuasive statement. Ensure that your thesis is clearly written, easy to understand, and leaves no doubt in the reader's mind as to the direction your paper will take.

  • Convincing And Conclusive Supporting Evidence

    Include only information that helps you make your case. Use reputable sources and facts that will provide a defense of your arguments. Lead the reader from one paragraph to another, so that they see that your conclusions are the only ones that truly make sense.

  • Consistency And Repetition

    You don't want your writing to sound redundant, but you do want to keep reinforcing the argument that you are making throughout your paper. A clear, consistent tone should be taken throughout your composition. This gives the impression of confidence, integrity and correctness on the part of the author of the paper. You are far more likely to win over your readers if you sound (and write) like an authority on your subject.

  • Use Metaphors, Similes And Analogies Where Appropriate

    Using metaphors and similes can help you relate the argument that you are making to something the reader probably already agrees is true or correct. Phrases such as “it's just like...”and “the same as when...” can be helpful too.

  • Go Out With A Bang

    Always finish strong. By the end of a persuasive essay there should be no doubt in your reader's mind that your position is the only one worth taking!


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