The Homeless Children of Arizona

Provision of quality homecare for children is mandatory in any country. A successful homecare system incorporates the efforts of the state, the medical practitioners, and the people. Arizona has grown to a place where more than 30,000 have been displaced from their homes. This has created a very bad image and hindered development within this community. In addition, there is a high rate of loss of jobs, scarce affordable houses, foreclosure effects and acute evictions.

The issues that cause this homelessness vary from high rate drug abuse, domestic violence, illness either physically or mentally and economic challenges. In order to alleviate this menace and solving its causes will require the cooperation of the whole community. This will comprise of vital restorative services that will bring about transformation. The process will have to look at the individuals affected to their health, environment, and the total well-being. In the treating of problems like this, there is a common saying that, it is better to prevent than to cure. This explains why diplomatic efforts are more important than combating the actual adverse impacts that come because of ignoring its aspects. This piece of work describes the situation of the homeless in Arizona.

Approximately half of the homelessness population in Arizona is comprised of families with dependent children. This homelessness creates a situation where students education is stopped. According to the National Center for Homeless Education, in the 2008-09 school years, Arizona had the 7th biggest homeless-student population in the US, this is a case that has to be brought to a halt. We have had children spending their nights in cars, bridges, and even parks. Mostly this is caused by a failed economic system. Over 42 percent of those who are displaced within Arizona is caused by joblessness. Addressing this issue of jobless will prevent a larger portion of families from contracting homelessness.

The local initiatives within the community are paramount to combat homelessness. The government has initiatives that provide clothing, hygiene supplies to some extent school transportation. Non-profit groups have been helpful to come and fill in any widening gap.

In conclusion, it is imperative to solve the underlying causes of homelessness as this will go a long way in birthing a new community.


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