Writing A Strong Lack Of Sleep Cause And Effect Essay 

There are many different kinds of essays, each with a slightly different purpose and a slightly different approach. Throughout your time in school you will have to learn to write many of them, including a cause and effect essay. This kind of paper is basically what it sounds like: you will how to show how one thing causes another, or the effects that something has. You can write this kind of paper about practically anything. One interesting topic would be lack of sleep, as it is something that many students are all too familiar with.

To write a strong lack of sleep cause and effect essay, use these easy tips:

  • Decide what your cause and effect will be
  • To start you’ll need to decide on what you want to write about related to lack of sleep. For a cause and effect paper there are two basic strategies that you can follow: first, you could show what causes have the effect of lack of sleep, or you could show what effects lack of sleep has. Either of these would make an effective cause and effect paper about lack of sleep, so either direction would work well. In either case, you’ll need to decide what you want to relate to lack of sleep.

  • Figure out how they are connected
  • Once you’ve decided on the other factor that you want to relate to lack of sleep you’ll need to map out how they are connected. If you are writing about something that causes lack of sleep, you’ll need to be able to map out each of the steps that connect to two things. Generally it isn’t just enough to say that one thing causes the other, you need to be able to show in detail why or how it causes it.

  • Plan out your argument
  • Chances are your topic is something that someone could refute, so it is important to think of structuring your paper like and argument. Your argument should by why your topic is true and why others that might disagree with it are wrong. To do this, lay out each step of logic in your argument, and make your writing compelling.

  • Recognize other arguments in your paper
  • An important part of making your cause and effect paper effective is to recognize other possible arguments. For instance, someone could say that your topic does not cause lack of sleep, it is actually this other thing that causes it. Make sure you include a rebuttal of other possible arguments.


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