Fifteen Compare Contrast Essay Writing Prompts For Middle School Students

When studying in middle school, students will often be required to write a variety of different essays. In fact, it is around that time that students in the educational system will be developing and improving their essay writing skills, so it is important to try your very hardest with any academic paper that you have been asked to write.

For example, if you have been asked to write a compare contrast paper then you may be wondering what kind of titles you can write about. Ultimately, you will need to look at two different topics, and you will be trying to identify and establish any differences and similarities between these topics. For example, it may be that you choose to compare and contrast two different vehicles, two different countries, or two different languages. In fact, you can compare and contrast just about anything.

However, whilst you can compare and contrast almost any two topics, it is a good idea to choose two topics that are loosely related to each other in some way. For example, referring to some of the suggestions made in the previous paragraph, you could compare and contrast a car with the French language, although you would be unlikely to find many similarities. Instead, it might be much better to compare the country of Germany with the French language, or better still, compare the German language with the French language.

To give you some ideas of what to write about, the following 15 prompts are suitable for middle school compare contrast essays.

  1. Compare and contrast Pepsi and Coca Cola
  2. Compare and contrast traditional cartoons and computer animated animations
  3. Compare and contrast real operas and soap operas
  4. Compare and contrast North America and South America
  5. Compare and contrast Germanic languages with Romance languages
  6. Compare and contrast Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome
  7. Compare and contrast solar power and nuclear power
  8. Compare and contrast the working class with the aristocracy in 18th century Great Britain
  9. Compare and contrast religion and atheism
  10. Compare and contrast weekdays and the weekend
  11. Compare and contrast sea dwelling creatures with land mammals
  12. Compare and contrast the Northern hemisphere and the Southern hemisphere
  13. Compare and contrast freshly cooked food and microwave meals
  14. Compare and contrast swimming and running
  15. Compare and contrast numbers and letters

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