Creating A Top-Grade Synthesis Essay On Romeo And Juliet

In a synthesis essay on Romeo and Juliet, you should make a statement related to this piece of literature and combine the arguments and statements of other researchers or critics to support your statement. Read this article and learn how to compose your paper in order to get a high score.

  1. Narrow the topic.
  2. To determine the direction of your research, you should concentrate on some element of this play. Focus on a particular character, chapter, or place. The main idea is to pick something that you can make your statement about and support it by using various sources.

  3. Find the sources.
  4. To support your main statement, you’ll need to combine arguments related to your topic that were raised by other people. Look for some research papers and works of famous critics on Romeo and Juliet to find evidence for your paper.

  5. Create an outline.
  6. Organize your data and give your paper a solid structure. Divide your essay into such sections:

    • Introduction.
    • Here, you should briefly remind your readers about the events and characters of the play, present your topic, and list the sources that you used and their authors. Finish the introduction with a strong thesis statement.

    • Body.
    • In this section, you should defend your thesis by raising your arguments that should be supported by quotations from your sources. Use several sources to support each of your arguments.

    • Conclusion.
    • This section is needed to restate your main statement and arguments. Give your final explanations on how each of your arguments relates to each other and to your thesis. Suggest your readers the ways to continue your work and answer the questions that you didn’t.

  7. Write the draft.
  8. Compose your essay according to your outline. You may start with body paragraphs and complete the introduction in the last turn so that it can reflect the contents of your paper more accurately.

  9. Revise your paper.
  10. Look through your text a few times and eliminate all the mistakes and errors that you didn’t notice in the writing process.

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