Finding A Reliable Custom Essay Writing Agency: Tips For Newbies

Academic content creation companies are capable of saving the day in many ways. Sadly the industry is also home to many shady characters who pretend to run content companies but really only want to steal your money or give you the lowest quality service possible. If you are new to the industry, it can be very hard to tell which is which because bad agencies are wiling to spend a great deal of money to make themselves hard to distinguish from good ones. Here are a few good tips you can use to come out ahead:

  • Do not use the first agency whose advertisement you see
  • Advertising is an easy way to get your name out there but some companies use it as a means of spreading lies about themselves to attract gullible new clients. An ad may be completely true as well but this is not a good reason to work with a company in isolation.

  • Understand that good reviews can be faked
  • Apart from advertising some bad companies pay unscrupulous people to create fake reviews on their behalf. Many of these are poorly worded and stand out from a distance but a few are well done and hard to distinguish from genuine praise. Even this method of determining a company‚Äôs worth is not foolproof.

  • Form your own opinion based on the samples you can observe
  • Visit the websites of any companies you feel like working with and look through the sample content sections. You are looking first of all for companies that promote bad writing as if it were good. Having dismissed those, you can also eliminate the ones that have suspiciously good writing that you might have seen somewhere else.

  • Interact with the staff of the agency
  • Companies that make it this far in your elimination should be contacted directly. If they have staff that do not try to cater to your needs or appear to not know how to do so, you should try another company. Eventually one will suit you.

  • Consider a freelancer if that does not work out
  • The important part of this or any process is knowing what to do if things do not go as planned. If none of the companies you would work with have met your specifications, start the process over and look for a freelancer instead.

If by the end of using all of these tips you are still dissatisfied, take it as a sign that you should write for yourself.


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