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Do your Research

Writing a solid 500 word English Essay

Sometimes the idea of writing a 500 word article could seem to be a big challenge especially to the less experienced writers. Similarly, a negative altitude would greatly contribute to poor motivation resulting into failure. Actually, a 500 word essay is usually one and a half page when typed, including the introduction, the thesis, the body and the conclusion. The following steps can really help:

As a writer, you’ll need to do some basic research to gather material to write about your topic. You can do your research by reading old publications from the library or archives, consulting the internet, talking to a professional or analysis of different situations. It’s a good idea to make notes on note cards on headlines you focus on, making notes concerning that topic on each card.

Make an Outline

The next step after doing your extensive research is to make an outline of the essay using the cards or printed research from the internet. You can head sections of the essay with topic headlines while separating the paragraphs with the outline.

Compose your Thesis Statement

This statement usually states the main point of your essay as it informs the readers what you have written about. Therefore as a writer, make effort to support this statement with adequate research evidence you found out previously.

Writing Process

Write a comprehensive body

The body usually comes after the first introductory paragraph, giving an in-depth explanation on the topic under research. The body should incorporate all evidence and relevant examples while giving more specific evidence of the truth of your thesis statement.

Make a conclusion

The last paragraph in any essay should restate the thesis statement, in a summarized manner. A broader point on the thesis is recommended as the writer writes a conclusion that makes a general statement about the same.

Revise your Essay

It’s recommended to proofread an essay article so as to point out errors in spelling mistakes and grammar. You can do so by reading the essay loud and having someone listen to the composition and help you edit the final copy.

Type your Essay

Typing of an essay can help a lot in counting the actual words needed to make the article. The correct format should be used, observing the correct font style and size, as well as proper alignment of text. The computer will guide you on the word count as well as pointing out spelling and grammatical errors.


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