7 Things You Need To Know About The English Essay Structure

Essays are one of the most assigned academic tasks that students write during their career. The type and length of these assignments varies with each grade and the subject. As you promote to higher grades, you will be introduced with new styles and types of essays. These types mainly include argumentative, descriptive, narrative, informative, expository, comparison, analysis and reflective. One thing about all of the essay assignments is that the follow the same structure and format. You will not have to worry about understanding or using a new structure each time you compose an assignment. If you are to create a strong paper for English, you should keep the following tips in your mind about the structure

  1. An engaging title
  2. The title of your paper is the most critical part of your writing because it represents the rest of your assignment to your audience. The readers will be able to develop an interest in your paper if they find the topic engaging enough. Try picking a unique aspect to discuss so that it creates interest and helps your paper stand out from the rest

  3. The introduction paragraph
  4. The introduction paragraph is the official opening of your paper and needs to present a clear yet engaging view of your paper. This should be able to impress your readers in a way that they develop curiosity to read the rest of the body and conclusion. Your introduction will have two main sections that are the opening sentence and thesis statement

  5. Opening statement
  6. The opening sentence is the first one or two lines in your introduction where you need to hook your audience. Different authors use different techniques for hooking their audience like anecdotes, assertion, facts, famous quotations, a negation or a narration.

  7. Thesis statement
  8. The thesis statement comes after the opening sentence and presents the extract of your assignment in a sentence or two. This should clearly depict the aim of your paper to the audience

  9. Body paragraphs
  10. The number depends upon the total number of major arguments you have developed

  11. Evidence
  12. Each body paragraph is to be unique in content and idea so you will need supporting points for each paragraph

  13. A precise conclusion
  14. The last paragraph in your paper is the concluding part, where you summarize everything you have written so far in the assignment


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