What Types Of Essay Writing Are The Most Difficult To Compose

Essay and its forms

Essays are one of the most important learning ways for students and are practiced all over the world. When a student joins first grade, he is supposed to write an essay about his parents, his pet, his favorite sport, or a teacher etc. At this level, the basic aim is to introduce the student to essay writing and allow them to be creative. The essays consist of few lines and tend to be easy. As a student promotes to higher grades, the complexity and length of these essays increase. Essays are of different types including cause and effect, argumentative essays, personal narrative essays, descriptive essays, evaluative essays, informative essay, persuasive essays etc.

Is essay writing tough?

Different students will reply differently to this question. Some of the students who like to write will enjoy essay writing while those who hate to write, will hate essay writing. Essay writing is not tough and none of the forms of the essays is hard to attempt. All you need to have is interest and dedication towards your essay to be successful in your task.

What type of essays is easiest to compose?

This again can have different answers. Some students may find it easy to write about their personal experiences while others may prefer to convince others with their writing. Some student might like to include facts to support their stance while others may find it easy to give information about a certain subject. Different students have different thinking and mindset and may prefer different kinds of essay writing.

Which essays are difficult to write?

Usually all types of essay require equal attention but the most problematic can be evaluative essays. Students fail to conclude their essay in a meaningful way and evaluate their essay prompt in the end. The reason is that it is easy to express your ideas on something but it is very hard to give a value to your ideas.

How to write essays like a pro

If you want to write essays without any difficulty, then you must learn the following tips by heart.

  • Follow the instructions carefully
  • Research carefully
  • Plan your essay
  • Make an outline
  • Draw web diagrams
  • Filter out your data
  • Keep the transition between paragraphs smooth
  • Address the essay prompt
  • Write the introduction and conclusion at the end
  • Recheck your essay
  • Edit and improve your essay
  • Make sure it is relevant to the topic
  • Read aloud to check the flow of your essay

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