How to Craft an Eye-Catching Advertising Analysis Essay

As you probably know all too well, advertising has played and continues to play a major role in modern life. It fills hours of television programs, takes up space on just about every web page online, and lines roads to everywhere you go. A very common type of assignment is an analysis of advertising from one of several points of view. Here’s how to craft a great and eye-catching advertising analysis essay that is sure to impress your readers:

Step 1: Introduce the service or product advertised

In your introduction you should make sure to first introduce what the advertisement your essay will focus on. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about a political party, a dinner sale at a restaurant or a record store, you should get right to the point as early as possible. Never assume that your reader is automatically familiar with the product or service. Give a brief history and a thorough description. It’s also a good idea to show how your subject compares with some of the products from competitors and give some idea of it’s supposed market share.

Step 2: Say who is targeted in the advertisement

You should be aware that it’s impossible to create an advertisement that reaches or appeals to every market segment in a community. Each advertisement is affected by its target audience, so your analysis should try to discern just what that target audience is. Some advertisements are clearer in their intent than others, but each should have a particular group of people it addresses. Discuss how both the intent and the target audience work together to create a message or an idea within the advertisement.

Step 3: Describe how effective the advertisement has been

The last step to writing a great advertising analysis essay is to explain how popular or how effective the advertisement has been. This used to be pretty difficult to figure out. Years ago this was measured by working out how many people watched a television show when a commercial ran or how many people bought a magazine or newspaper an advertisement appeared in, but now the internet has provided marketing experts and businesses with tracking tools to figure out how many people viewed an advert. The best advertisements, whether pictures or videos, go viral and are sent to friends, family members, coworkers, etc. Using these numbers will give you pretty good idea of how much reach an advertisement has been.


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