How to Create Strong Persuasive Argument Essay Topics

Persuasive essays and Argument essays:

Persuasive essays are essays that tend to either argue something or at least make a point very clear to the audience. This form of writing is one of the most popular forms of writing, it is perfect for speeches and lectures, and it lets you get whatever you have to say across loud and clear to everyone. Argument essays are essays that are very similar to persuasive essays; they both in broad terms are persuading the audience to agree with whatever you are talking about. However in an argument essay, you use elements that are meant to guide your readers to see things exactly from your perspective and not just from one side or the other side.

Finding a good topic:

Simply having just a really strong interest in what you are discussing is not enough, you need to be able to back up what you are saying with real evidence. Doing this is how you capture your reader’s attention and keep it through the whole thing, this is also how you get the readers to agree with what you are saying and then they try to convince other people to see things the same way, like you did to them. When choosing what to write about whether it is for a persuasive essay or for an argument essay you need to write about something you are interested in and or are passionate about, you then need to consider both sides of that topic and then take a position on it. You either write in agreement with the topic or write in disagreement to the topic. When choosing what side to write about you need to make sure you can find enough information and that it comes from credible resources.

Examples of great persuasive and argument essay topics:

  • The legalization of marijuana
  • How being a pregnant teenager can affect both the future of the mother and of the child
  • The dangers of using steroids
  • Are there special privileges for women that work
  • What is better eBooks or traditional books
  • Do you think that there should be stricter limitations on the laws of immigration
  • Should there be mandatory and random drug tests for students
  • Should recycling be mandatory since it helps the environment
  • Should the death penalty be brought back or should it remain abolished
  • Does home-schooling cause children to miss out on the proper social interaction that they need at that age

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