How To Write A Short Essay On My School: Things To Avoid

The good news about this particular essay topic is that it is something you know a great deal about. This is particularly true if you've been a student at this particular school for some years. So you have plenty of sound information to draw upon but that doesn’t mean it will be all plain sailing. There are a number of things you need to avoid.

  • it's a short essay so don't write too much
  • if everyone else in the class is writing on the topic look for a unique angle
  • don't change the structure of the essay
  • stating the bleeding obvious is not necessarily a good idea

You won't get any points for writing additional material over and above the required number of words. A short essay is just that. The examiner will be looking to see that you have followed the instructions and requirements to the letter. Lots of words in many paragraphs no matter how well researched and written will not win you any brownie points. In fact it may even cost you marks if you go over the limit.

Writing an essay about your own school could be a very popular topic in your class. Think of the poor teacher or examiner who has to read all of these essays. If you are saying the same thing as many of the other students you put yourself in a position where you will be judged against their work. Look for a unique angle. What is a way you could write about your school which is unlikely to be tackled by any of your fellow students? Cash in on that idea. Make your work unique.

You know a great deal about your school and it's only a short essay but do not fall into the trap of changing the structure. Standard procedure of introduction, the first and second fact paragraphs, followed by the conclusion is the way to go. You should make the structure as unobtrusive as possible.

Whilst it is important to avoid writing on exactly the same topics or subjects as many of the students writing about your school, it is also equally important that you do not provide information which is plain to see. Look for in an unusual angle and look for a different way of talking about your school. Make your essay stand out from the others.


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