Essay writing guide: some helpful attention grabbing techniques

There exists several attention grabbing techniques that you may use when writing your essay. Most importantly, your content has to read well and flow in an interesting manner for your readers to ever read it. Good essays will me meaningful to the reader if they are able to easily follow your thoughts and ideas as they are displayed in your essay.

The Title

This is the foremost describing bit of your essay. Your title will in a summary describe your entire essay in terms of content, quality, errors and structure, just everything about your essay will be reflected here. Make a mistake in your title and you will have broken it into pieces. It should be relevant to what you are writing about and also offer a glimpse of the seamless flow of your words and thoughts.

Your Lead/first paragraph

This is the soul of you essay. A bad start will definitely create a very bad impression in the mind of your reader that there is nothing here to read! A catchy paragraph that in a short and precise manner addresses you’re the problem on discusses briefly your subject is what the reader wants to see. So, make it as good and interesting as it can possibly be. Once it reads well, the reader just finds him/herself sailing with you.


Being relevant and consistent to your subject will ultimately give you a higher score. What you have stated in your title and first paragraph is exactly what your reader needs to find. It will be very demeaning to be irrelevant in your thoughts having begun with a great and catchy title and leak paragraph. Being relevant also lets you stay focused to whatever it is you are writing on.


Write as good as you can. Good sentences are short, precise and easy to read, Avoid using a lot of vocabulary in your essay as this will only get your reader confused. Most readers prefer simple words that get your point home as soon as the period is inserted. So, as you write, cut long sentences short. By cutting the longer sentences short, you will have avoided falling victim of grammatical and spelling mistakes. This is a rule: the more the number of words in a sentence, the more prone the sentence is to errors and grammatical mistakes.

Finally, formatting is also very important in getting your reader interested in your essay. Use word processor’s tool for formatting and make sure all errors are done away with. Seek guidance from your instructor on the kind of formatting he/she would want you to follow. For example, spacing, margins and citation styles where necessary.


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