Useful Tips For A Better Essay 5 Basic Rules For Dummies

Writing an essay, no matter what type, can become a hard job for some people, especially those that do not know what they are dealing with? Making a clear and big idea or picture about what you have to do before you start will help anyone in the long run, so here are a few things everybody should keep in mind when they are making an essay, no matter their age, or what type of essay are they are doing, or for which purpose etc.

  1. Structure. Learn the structure of that particular essay. Some of them have a light structure and they give you a lot of room to move, while others are pretty straight forward and you can't really play around with it so much. So make sure that you understand the structure you have to do in order to do a good essay. This will become quite obvious if you look at a lot of good essay out there that fail to become great because the author did not take into consideration that this is an specific type an essay, and not a liberal one where you can write whatever you want.
  2. Research. Another great aspect is to research. It's important to have the right information and the right amount as well for some. Most of them require a lot of information some of them require a little bit, while some only require your imagination. This is the difference that will be made clear when you check stage 1, the structure and purpose of that essay.
  3. Length. This is a important aspect even if it seems so obvious. I have seen a lot of good essay, that were presented poorly simply because the author used "too many words" and turned a fairly easy concept into something so vast and complex that most people can't even comprehend or even if they can understand it they got bored half way through the writing. So make sure that you watch out where you should write a lot and where you should explain things more short.
  4. Expression. These ties up to the 3 stage. How you express yourself is as important as what you express but this does not mean only length. I mean here that, for example, if you have a relatively easy essay that is supposed to be presented in front of a novice crowd, you can't go and use big technical terms that only a trained individual would understand. And this works vice versa.
  5. Re write. This is a great lesson. If it doesn't work, try again. Don't give up, don't quit yet, try again on a different angel, another approach and it might work out better.

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