Tips For Middle School Students: How To Write An Essay

There are so many things involved in writing an essay it is best to remember the basics. Middle school essay writing assignments help students get an idea of what is expected in high school. The process is similar for each academic grade, but the content you write about may vary slightly. You need to be able to clearly explain main points related to your topic. Because this is a skill students learn to develop overtime, it may not seem as straight forward as many think it would be. The following points can help ease the essay writing process for middle school students.

  • Review assignment guidelines. When you are given an essay assignment you will have instructions that state how to write your paper. This may include how to format your content and how to structure your findings.
  • Understand proper structure for your essay. This will include an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. A basic example would be a one-page essay. This may be roughly 500 words with five paragraphs. Your first paragraph is the introduction. The following three paragraphs is the body with supporting details. The final paragraph is the conclusion.
  • Make sure you know the role each part of the structure plays when writing your essay. The introduction will include your main idea or thesis statement. This is what your essay is based on and your following paragraphs will work to support or prove. This paragraph will also have a “hook” that grabs reader’s attention that appears as the first sentence. Body paragraphs will follow the same format to ensure your paper is written with consistency. Each paragraph will have a main point and explanation relating it to your topic. You will also include supporting evidence or an example as to how it relates. You will state your reason for why this point is important. The conclusion wraps up the essay and may restate your thesis and supporting points. This section often has information you want readers to take away from what they read.
  • Plan your work before you start writing. Make a list of points or information you want to discuss related to your topic. You can use an outline to help you sort and organize ideas.
  • Remember to edit and proofread your essay. You may need to make revisions to sentences to ensure they read clearly.

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