12 Outstanding Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School Students

  • School sports should be mandatory for all students
  • Sport teaches kids important qualities such as team work, social skills, and communication. Should it be compulsory for all?

  • Is society’s obsession with celebrity’s lives a root of discontentment
  • People always seem to be on the lookout for the next best vehicle, pair of shoes, or video game. Is this rooted in our ongoing obsession with celebrity life?

  • Living together prior to marriage is not as important as people claim
  • It’s often said that a couple should learn whether they are compatible by living together. Is this really the truth?

  • Age restrictions on movies and shows should be more strict/lenient
  • Discuss the pros and cons of having age restrictions. Do they help and are they necessary?

  • Too much emphasis is put on leaders and not enough on followers
  • Do we teach children that followers are inferior to leaders? Show that followers have just as important a role to play as leaders do.

  • Obvious problems our president could solve right now
  • Look at some things you would instantly change if you were the president and ask why the current president doesn’t see fit to do the same.

  • When will racial stereotyping wear out and no longer be offensive?
  • Racism has decreased in a major way, but there always seem to be people who are on the lookout for a racial comment. When will this end?

  • Is making a really bad advert a good way to make it go viral?
  • A new concept of making an advert popular online is to make it obviously bad. There are already some who are trying this avenue of becoming popular. Can this work?

  • Virtual reality will infiltrate our education system within a matter of decades
  • Speculate about the advent of virtual reality coming to schools in the future. How would this improve education?

  • What’s the future of the music industry if artists’ music is so freely available on the internet?
  • How does the internet affect royalties and how will this influence popular music artists?

  • Is it unreasonable to believe in ultimate truth?
  • Does ultimate truth really exist, or is truth subjective?

  • [Movie title] is the most underrated movie of our time
  • Pick a movie you can prove is awesome and tell your reader why it should’ve been more popular.


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