Writing Ideas: 5 Good Ways To Start Off An Essay

We all realize that it important to compose an essay that has a strong opening. But why? Remember what you are hoping to accomplish in the first few lines that you write. This is your opportunity to inform your audience as to the topic of your essay. In many cases, you will be taking a position, or advancing a thesis which you will then prove in the body of your work. Your opening is where you make your intentions and ideas crystal clear.

While you are informing your audience at the start of your work, you are also looking for a “hook”. A way to engage your readers immediately, so that they will want to know more, and continue on through your essay.

Here are 5 suggestions for great ways to start grade A papers:

  1. Begin With Giving An Example

    A good way to get your readers attention can be to give them a specific scenario, or subject on which to focus. Broad, sweeping, generalised statements are often bland and boring to read. Think up an example of what you will be discussing in your paper, and open with a sentence that relates it to your paper.

  2. Start With A Quote

    This is also a good way to get your reader intrigued right from the get go. A famous quote, a humourous one or one that is a little dark can all work well to pull your audience into the body of your paper.

  3. An Ending Can Make A Good Beginning

    You will want to close your essay reiterating your opening statements. Sometimes thinking simultaneously about your beginning and ending can strengthen both.

  4. Ask A Question

    Asking someone a question will usually pique their curiosity. Especially if they do not know the answer, or you leave them guessing as to what your conclusion might be.

  5. Jump Right In!

    If you are having trouble formulating a great opening, don't be discouraged! Just start writing, you can come back and improve your initial statements later.

Now that you have been given five fantastic ideas for great essay openings. Never underestimate the power that a good first impression can make, even when writing an assignment. It's possible that your title and opening paragraph are the most important elements in your paper.

This is especially important if you are considering a career in freelance writing or journalism. When you are in school, you can be guaranteed that whoever is marking your paper will read it from beginning to end. That is their job. In the real world however, writing an article, report, blog or tweet that will hold the attention of your reader will be your job. Catch them quickly with an awesome opening!


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