Rhetorical Analysis Essay

The words seem to strike fear into every college and university student. There is an essay assignment. It always has a deadline which at first seems like a long distance away. But since college life is so busy and there are other courses to concentrate on, the essay seems to get put off until the deadline is looming in the near future.

It is time to start thinking about getting the essay written. You may have some questions about what a rhetorical analysis essay is and how to begin.

Rhetorical analysis essay definition

Because this is a rather difficult essay to define in one sentence, the following statements describe the essential parts of a rhetorical essay.

  • You must apply critical reading and thinking skills.
  • The goal is to analyze how the author wrote rather than what was written.
  • Rhetoric is the study of effective communication, including persuasion.

Thorough reading and research is required for writing a good rhetoric essay. A very clear understanding of how the author wrote and why he wrote that way is essential. These points can also be illustrated by looking at examples of rhetorical analysis essays.

Pitfalls to avoid when writing a rhetorical analysis essay

  • Summarizing in place of analyzing. It is easy to fall into the trap of summarizing another author’s work. Remember the goal is to analyze it. An analysis probes deeply into what was written, why and what the communication goal was in the writing.
  • Incorrectly referencing ethos, pathos and logos. While these rhetorical tools are essential to use, they must be used as a tool and not as a crutch. Use them as something the author is appealing to rather than something he is communicating with.
  • Spending too much focus and attention on the circumstances. Often writers put too much emphasis on the circumstances of the audience and/or the author/speaker. rhetorical analysis essays should analyze the rhetoric rather than the audience or speaker.

Examining a sample rhetorical analysis is a good way to see how to avoid these pitfalls and produce an effective essay.

How to properly construct a rhetorical analysis essay outline

The outline is the foundation upon which the essay is built. It is comprised of all the main ideas, organized in an orderly fashion. A great outline is the precursor to a great rhetorical analysis paper.

The essential parts of an outline for rhetorical essays includes an intriguing introduction which captures the reader’s attention, a discussion of the speaker’s intended audience, a section on each of the three rhetorical tools – logos, ethos and pathos – the counter argument with its qualifiers, and finally the conclusion.

Choosing effective rhetorical analysis essay topics

If the topic is not assigned, it should be something you can write about with knowledge and passion. In other words, something you have a great deal of interest in. A random topic will come across as boring in your writing. It is helpful to use a rhetorical analysis essay example to get an idea of how the essay should sound, how it is set up and how all the parts fit together. Of course, these examples should never be handed in because that is plagiarism and it is usually punished by expulsion. Rhetorical analysis essay examples are inexpensive and can help you get started on writing.

How to use a rhetorical analysis essay sample

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