Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an ongoing problem in different parts of the world. It continues to be a hot issue because it occurs on a regular basis but many are not aware of this, or they don’t think about it. There are women and men that have been abused by their spouse or partner daily. Over the years it has adopted additional titles depending on who it involves. For instance, a woman beaten by her partner could be considered domestic abuse or spousal abuse. When children are being abused it may be referred to as family violence. A large number of people try to figure out why one person would want to be so cruel and hurtful to someone else.

When you think about domestic violence many refer to it as being violence against a woman. In some cases it occurs against a man, but you rarely hear about it. The effect of domestic violence is an ongoing problem. It has been known to cause emotional distress among people involved such as children. A person who is not a victim of physical abuse can still have issues struggling to move forward. Children have problems moving forward when they are victims or when they know someone who is a victim such as their mother. Some children grow up believing it is okay to harm others because of the abuse they witnessed during childhood.

Physically and psychology domestic violence has issues that continue to make things impossible for people when living their daily lives. Some have nightmares or they develop phobias because of the hurt they been through in the past. Victims may have difficulty trusting others or they have physical scars that are reminders of what happened. For these individuals, when you are fortunate to live through such an experience it is important to find something positive to cling to so you can move forward and live a better life.

Domestic violence is blamed for other problems including financial difficulties and relationship problems. While there are solutions in place to help people cope, others feel more needs to be done to help those dealing with it on a regular basis. Some people cannot be helped when they don’t say they need help. The problem is likely to be much worse since there is no way to really know how many people are being abused on a regular basis.


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