Learn How to Write an Academic Essay from Scratch

There are many types of academic essays out there that you might be required to write. Learning how each type is structured and what you need to include within can help save you a great deal of time and stress.

One type of academic essay you may be required to write from scratch is the exploratory essay. For this type of an essay, you should always write with an end in mind. When writing this type of an essay, you don’t necessarily know how you feel about the subject but you allow the research that you do to guide you. Simply said: you are writing to learn and nor learning to write.


The purpose of this type of an essay is to inquire about a particular topic by looking at the contributions of different authors and researchers. It builds up on the inquiry essay by looking at different writers at once. The difference between these two are: whereas the exploratory essay looks at a particular topic widely, the inquiry approaches it by looking at the authors one at a time.

In addition, it is important to note that the focus of an exploratory essay is a question and not a thesis. There are two main strategies for coming up with an exploratory essay. There is the in-process which produces immediacy. The other strategy is the retrospective which comes up with artistically designed essays.

Exploratory essay often consider the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions to a mystifying problem. They are also often dialectical when in Platonic sense because they recreate the engagement if adversative position. This results in a combination of the items which would otherwise be contraries. These essays can be created based on different topics and subjects.

If you are having difficulty finding a topic that is of interest to you or one which relates to your particular course you should take some time to review your course notes and texts to see if anything jumps out at you. If that does not inspire anything then look over the list below for some generic topic ideas:

  • You can write about how tobacco affects the body
  • You can write about the manner in which computer viruses spread and how they can affect different computers
  • You can write about life as a Buddhist Monk
  • You can write about the origins of the Darfur conflict

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