Where To Find A Well-Written Persuasive Essay Sample For High School

A persuasive essay essentially involves trying to provide a range of different arguments so as to convince any reader of your essay of a particular point of view that you have taken. In fact, this style of essay has a variety of different titles, such as an argumentative paper, including also been known as a persuasive paper.

When writing this style of academic paper, particularly in high school, you will generally have to include an introduction, which may be a paragraph or two long. The next section you will include will be the body section, which will generally be several paragraphs long, each of which will usually contain a different argument that you will use to back up the point of view that you are making. Finally, you will include a conclusion, which can be anything from a few sentences to a few paragraphs in length, and will wrap up what you have said in the main body and introduction.

With an idea in mind of what a good paper should look like, you will then be able to find well-written samples that can help you.

Why find samples in the first place?

Before you start looking for examples, you may be wondering how they can help you. It may be that you are struggling to think of a good topic or title to write about, and you simply want extra inspiration relating to what ideas you can choose for your own work. Equally, you may wish to look for further inspiration when it comes to putting forward various arguments in your paper, as well as how to structure them.

As well as looking for inspiration, some students may even choose to copy some of the work they find. This approach may seem easy; however, any student that does get caught copying work can face the consequences of plagiarism, which might be severe.

Where to look

There are various places that you can look for free samples, including numerous websites that can be easily found using any major search engine. You may have to use any particular search features on any website that you look on in order to find something relevant; however, you will normally be able to find range of different argumentative or persuasive papers.

As well as finding free work, you may choose to pay for any prewritten samples that you find or, alternatively, you may even choose to investigate the possibility of using a professional writing service to create a bespoke sample for you instead.


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