What Makes a Good Article Review?

An article review is a combination of both a summary and evaluation of the work of another writer. The kind of work is usually assigned to the kids by their teachers so they can have an idea of the official work that is done in the field. This is a task done by both the beginners and the professionals. The basic requirement to ace this task is to understand the main points that have been highlighted in the article. It is important to bring all the points together and sum it all together. Evaluate the main theme of the article logically; base it on valid arguments and its implications on the other researches. All these are elements of importance for your review. Here we will tell you some tips, which you will find helpful.

First, read the article thoroughly. It is only then when you would be able to write your own opinion about the content of the article. Highlight all the important points that you wish to be brought into consideration.

Create an outline. List down all the points which you would like to bring into focus and with the help of research support the argument, which is in the article. Keep in mind that this is a reflection of the article and it does not require your opinion. Remove all the unnecessary items that you think are of less importance.

It is only later that our make an outline of your opinion and how you would look into the matters that were mentioned in the article.

Then begin the review of the article by taking the topic or title of the article into consideration and mention the name of the author in your review at the initial stages especially.

Summaries as much you can! Make sure all the points in your outline are mentioned in your review and that you miss no piece of information. Take out the crux of your point a write that in the most precise manner that you end up surprising yourself.

Next comes when you write your opinion about the original article. Construct paragraphs based on the outline you made for your opinions. In the end summaries the main idea of what you have written, your opinion and the significance of your opinion. Be clear and do not put irrelevant information.


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