Literature Essay Topics For College Students

Humans have been doing literature for hundreds of years. This has piled up quite the backlog of writing, and if you are trying to find a literature essay topic as a college, student it can be daunting to try to find a topic. The big thing is to find something that you think is interesting, because you are going to be reading at least one entire book. When looking for a topic, here are some helpful suggestions for a topic that you might find enlightening.

  1. One of the underrepresented forms of literature in academia and the public imagination is Tran’s issues in literature. Tran’s people are coming out in western society and it changes many things up. This is also an issue that is trying to get a foothold and find its place. How does it compare and contrast to other LIGHT literature?

  2. How does one determine the quality of a book? Why do we call some things pulp literature but, others are determined to be art? We have the case where an artist is trying to writer literature and fails. Then there are writers to write pulp fiction and are celebrated as literary geniuses. What causes the phenomenon and how are books evaluated?

  3. What is the role of passive protagonists in literature? Many times, we want to sympathies with characters and have them do things, but some books there are characters that could affect or change whatever situation they are in one way or the other, but the fail to do so. What kind of strengths and weaknesses is there with this type of protagonist?

  4. Sci-Fi and Fantasy books have often been written with quite different goals that traditional artistic literature. This does not make them better or worse, but it does make them differently. How do you make this mesh? With different goals from different authors, how do we judge them? Are they based on their own criteria? Where do these novels fit into the academic record?

  5. As we learn more about the human brain and study art more closely, it may be possible that we develop systems and formula for coming up with creative ideas and good literature. If there were an artificial intelligence that was able to write objectively good literature, what would this do the field of English? How does this happen? Can we still consider our classics, and how will the production of literature change as we learn more about it?

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