Always organize your college essay carefully

  1. Make a list of the colleges you would like to apply using word doc
  2. The first thing to do is make a list of the colleges that you want to apply to. The last thing you want to do is figure out what college to apply at what time. This bit is very crucial because with the list, you have choices to make but remember you will only write essays which you will ultimately use. The worst thing to do is sit down and spend all your time to write essays and the end up not using them at all. This is one crucial thing that should cross your mind; get your list done and know clearly what is supposed to be done and at what time.

  3. Copy and paste all essay prompts from each of the colleges
  4. Depending on the specific essay, you may or may not be asked to write an essay. One may ask you to write ten essays and the other none. From these, you may need to use their application or simply their writing supplement Application(if they use) and then copy and paste the writing prompt to word and begin drafting your college essay Avoid writing essays in the small boxes because it will be very difficult to do the editing. Never put the prompt in different words and never at all abbreviate tactually, you need to see the real question and make sure you address the exact question that you are asked.

  5. Copy and paste the character or word limits for each essay
  6. Depending on the kind of essay you will write, it may have character or word limits, say, 150 to 500 words or 200 to 2000 characters. Make sure you adhere to the requirements by the prompt; if it requires you to use character or words, adhere it to the letter. For instance, there is a BIG difference between a tweet (140 characters) and 140 words. However careful you will be, you may find yourself trapped so what out and follow instructions. There is a painfully BIG difference between 500 words and 500 characters. Please, note this because it could be happening to you!

  7. Begin by playing the recycle game before you begin
  8. This is not a fun game for all of us, but it will really help you in saving time. Here is what you will be required to do: read all your master prompts which you copied and pasted from the schools’ application. Also, it’s important to use the latest application and avoid last year’s app which is still available online. Avoid writing any essay more than once because it’s a criminal offense in writing. Simply, write what you need to but remember the recycling game can only help you not to write 10 essays without kidding!


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