How to ensure your essay is formatted correctly.

You have a great technological device at your disposal to help you carry out the whole exercise of formatting. It’s not just a great thing but also a helper to help spot formatting errors and offer you suggestions alongside them. It has just made the whole exercise a lot easier and quicker than it used to be. If you ignore it when formatting your essays, then you are risking your hard work.

It is recommended that all your work is double spaced. Use a Serif kind of font for example Times new roman and avoid anything that may look out of this world or fancy because it may turn out to be a nightmare to your professor and therefore result in poor grading. For instance, avoid any non-serif font except for the headlines that is if you really have to use them. The reason why they are discouraged from using is that sometimes they are difficult in reading and as you know any cursive script is a NO! Avoid using any two different fonts in a single article.

Another way to make sure you have formatted your essays is by using one-inch all throughout your text. Sometimes using the one-inch demarcation on the right makes the text look somehow nifty but is still a requirement. Avoid justifying your text because it makes your text to appear inappropriate due to different word divisions.

For the case of spacing, modern word processors require that you learn to use just a single space after each period, coon, semi-colon and question marks. Most word processors will allow appropriate spacing while others won’t. A double space at times can do very weird things. An example is when you have justified your margin which is not at all recommended. You should first seek guidance from your instructor so that you are able to work according to his/her demands.

You will raise questions if you space around parentheses and quotation marks. Depending on your location, you are supposed to make sure that the period and commas all go inside the quotation marks regardless of the logic. This case is particular in the US and may be different in other regions such as Britain.

Titles should not be forgotten as well. If you can’t manage writing or coming up with a good one, then your text will be plain as well and lacking in focus. Remember that capitalizing the important words, first and last words is the trend to follow. Titles may end in question marks, exclamations but definitely not periods. They can only be used when referring to someone else’s work. Above all, exploit word processor and follow your instructor’s requirements to be on the safe side.


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