Where To Get A Well-Written Sample Essay With APA Citations

For some students seeing an example of a well-written essay with APA, citations are more helpful than just having an explanation of how to cite your Psychology paper. There are a few options when looking for a well-written sample of a Psychology paper with APA citations.

  • Psychology Journals – These journals contain Psychology papers that have been published and reviewed by peers. Therefore, the work is of a very high standard, and the citations are accurate and according to APA guidelines. Although these are articles and not essays, they will still provide you with well-written papers with correct APA citations.
  • Online- Some websites provide students with sample essays that will be correctly cited according to APA guidelines. When searching these websites, it is important to make sure that the essays are provided by either universities or professional writing services. Some services are free, but often there is a fee charged for services. This can be costly, but if having a well-written example is going to help you with your own paper then it may be worth the cost as this will help you throughout your psychology studies. Sites that charge a fee are more likely to provide a high standard of work as they want you and others to continue to use their service. However, when paying for a service it is important that the website has contact information and a secure payment method, as well as providing you with a receipt for payment.
  • Other students - It can be helpful to find out from other students if and where they have found good quality examples of Psychology papers. If they have used an online service, ask them if they were happy with it and if so find out the website.
  • Your tutor- Your tutor may be able to provide you with papers from previous students that contain correct APA formatting. They may also be able to put you in touch with Honours, Masters or Doctorate students who might be willing to provide you with some of their previous work. However, don’t be offended if they are not, as they may be concerned about plagiarism.

Using other people’s work as an example can be very helpful but be careful that you don’t copy any of it. It is not worth risking your future studies and career.


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