What Makes A Good Argumentative Essay?

       There is a slight difference between persuasive and argumentative essays. In a persuasive paper you are persuading the audience on a general subject, while argumentative papers are focused on one part of a general subject.  For example, you might write a persuasive essay on how capital punishment is inhuman but in an argumentative essay you would focus more on one state to narrow down the essay.  Here, I will tell you what makes a good argumentative essay and how to write one.

Do’s And Don’ts of a Good Argumentative Essay

  •  Do: You want to be passionate about your topic, which in return will make you essay passionate as well.
  • Do: When researching, make sure you use sources that agree with you.  This will make a stronger essay.
  • Do: Make sure that you have enough facts and evidence to back up your position on the topic.
  • Do: You want to make sure that you supply enough reasons to support your subject.
  • Do: Lastly, you have to address what the conflicting side of your argument is and to debunk their claims.
  • Don’t: Don’t use I believe, I feel, or I think in your essay, it makes it sound weak and you can write better than that. 
  • Don’t: Don’t state that you are an expert on the subject.
  • Don’t: Don’t use religion or morals to support your claim.
  • Don’t: Don’t presume that the audience agrees with your take on the subject.
  • Don’t: Lastly, don’t make others look bad because you don’t know how to argue your topic.

How Should It Look?


Once you have done the research and put your thoughts together, it is now time for you to construct your essay.

  • The introduction of your essay should have general information on the subject and then narrow that down, with your thesis statement, what you will be arguing in the essay.
  • The next paragraph will transition the reader from the introduction into the body of the essay.  You want to wrap up the introduction and use this paragraph to introduce your ideas for the next paragraph.
  • The next few paragraphs will show the audience the evidence that you have gathered to support your subject.
  • Then you will tell the audience about the evidence that you have found to support your thesis statement. You will address the opposing side’s argument here as well.
  • The conclusion of the essay should sum up all that the audience just read, restate the topic, and explain again why it is so important.

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