10 Challenging Descriptive Essay Topics For High School Students

A descriptive essay is one of the easiest essays for any student to write. The main thing you have to remember about this type of essay is that you are describing the topic. You are NOT forming an opinion at all about the topic. You are only giving accurate, sound information so that the reader can form an opinion based on accurate information given by you. Usually you write a descriptive essay about a person, place or thing. It is important that you try to use all of your senses to describe the topic so you can give your audience the best information. Here are 13 challenging essay topics that high school students can write about:

  1. Graduation Day – Don’t just write about the valedictorian, etc. Write about the mood of the gathering place as you get ready to walk into the auditorium. Try to describe what is happening using all of your senses.
  2. The first day you drove by yourself after you got your driver’s license – Remember to talk about feelings, apprehension, excitement and nervousness. Talk about how you did on your test. Make it exciting and make your reader feel like they are there with you.
  3. Taking your SAT test – Talk about what led up to taking the test. What was the room like? Be descriptive using your sense of smell, sight and hearing.
  4. Your first kiss – This is different for everyone but can be extremely emotional. Try to make your reader feel the way you did.
  5. Your senior trip – This is a broad topic but you can pick one specific incident you will never forget.
  6. Winning or losing a championship game – Take a side and explain what happened and how you felt. Remember to use all of your senses.
  7. How to survive your first weekend at college – Some people had anxiety attacks and others celebrated.
  8. How to deal with a bully on Facebook – This can save someone’s life.
  9. What is your favorite childhood cartoon character? Have some fun with this one. Your classmates will love to remember their own as well.
  10. What person influenced you the most in your high school? This may be difficult but also may be surprising to many people.

If you want more information on how to write a descriptive essay or how to choose a great topic for an essay like this you can find help here.


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