Concluding Your Academic Essay: What Words to Use

Academic essays are the most important of all essays, because they are raw information that increases the sum total of human knowledge. However, just because they bring the world forward and advance it does not mean they are necessarily easy to write. On the contrary, they can be quite complicated. In addition, even if you get the essay done, itself not an easy feat, there is still a conclusion to write. Conclusions, of course, are quite difficult as there is a unique kind of creativity to them, so you must watch out for that. When writing a conclusion, an important aspect is the choice of words.

  • The Academic Essay
  • Academic essays are the essays of academia. This may seem redundant, but this is an important distinction. There are differences in style, tone, and subject matter that are important. Academic essays are not meant for a mere layperson; instead, these essays are reserved for those learned men and women who have taken enough time to study an area of expertise enough to have the background knowledge to understand what is being said. Laypeople essays have to explain each concept in detail so their readership does not get lost.

  • Conclusions
  • A conclusion is the end of the academic essay. Special care must be taken for the conclusion, as it is the conclusion's job to summarize what is going on and relate specific issues to the men and women involved. The conclusion should summarize all your ideas, repeat your thesis statement, and end with a conclusion. The conclusion also has emotional weight, because it has to leave this feeling of ending and closure with the reader. In addition, the word choice of the conclusion is very relevant, and should flow with the rest of your paper in formality and style.

  • Word Choice
  • The words you choose when concluding an academic essay is a very vital part to the success of the essay. Remember, as was just talked about, conclusions are the last thing a reader of your essay will remember, so word choice is very important. Your word choice should reflect your audience, and for this, you will have to use your best judgment. However, generally for an academic essay your words are going to have to be very formal, as this will communicate that you are knowledgeable and add credence to the other words of your essay. Make sure to use long, specific words because this communicates in detail.


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